2 thoughts on “13: Mountain Trails

  1. This is an area that does not often get attention and this Resolution is a timely one.

    While much is said about mountain trails, their networks, there is little mention about the knowledge basis that is necessary to create such networks as well as the terraced agricultural systems. Furthermore, these trails are crucial life-lines for all communities.

    May I suggest under RESOLVED

    • acknowledge the need to preserve the traditional knowledge that has created, maintained, repaired and conserved not only mountain trail networks but also the terraced agricultural systems and (high altitude) seed varieties for future generations.

  2. An international recognition of the wondrous roles that mountain trails provide is much needed and this resolution aims at that goal. I am really supportive, but I feel that this resolution does need improvement and further consideration to make it stronger. It misses a lot that has happened and is happening, and omits some aspects that are important. I think of such things as:
    smuggling and poaching trade across mountain borders
    peace trails (Austria and Italy mountain border)
    Grand vision being implemented of an International Appalachian Trail crossing to Newfoundland/Greenland, British Isles, France,Spain/Portugal to Moroccobased on bedrock type.
    Use by recreational hikers-some very long distance seems to be missing
    Dramatic celebratory or educational long distance hikes of recent vintage for nature conservation (many examples)
    I would dearly love to make some positive changes to the “Whereas”s but have not the time before deadline

    Process seems a little rushed to me, and needs more consideration. Elaine et al-you have done wondrous work on this, but I think it needs improvement–Presented at World Parks Congress rather than now?? Will quite understand if you think to strike while iron is hot…. Larry

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